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About Us

Our mission

We seek to manufacture and provide the very best specialized industrial tools for our customers, build lifetime relationships, share our culture of being the very best we can be, give back more than we take, and better the lives of our customers and community.  

Have plenty of supplies

What good is a mission, if you cannot supply the product in a timely manner?  We do not accept being your second rate supplier.  Our customers receive only the very best service from our ample stock of products.   

Best quality anywhere in the world

We have travelled to the vast majority of industrial plants in the world.  We take great pride in seeing our tools in use at plants around the world.  Most of all we enjoy hearing your success stories using our products and solving your problems.  


Sharing with You

In addition to emphasizing quality we strive to understand and share all we have learned in using the products so that you can receive the highest quality experience.

Listen to what others are saying about us:

“…I did not know this would make some operators in the units so happy once again thank you for the quick service…”

Ron Mysko – Husky Energy

“We have used their bleeder cleaners for years. These guys get it right every time and have an incredible safety record for no injuries with their products in 30 years. That’s amazing. You simply can’t beat the service too.”

David Kathman - Sunoco

“Coker Boss bleeder cleaners are a serious improvements above their competition, like indestructible drills. As they say, you cannot go wrong with quality. Believe me, nobody builds them better. And their service is amazing. Plus the folks over there are super helpful.”

Mike Smity - Bp


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