Flange Spreaders Selection Guide

The safest flange spreaders attach through the bolt holes to prevent personnel injury.  This Flange Boss spreader offers the utmost in personnel safety and productivity when performing flange work.  
Model No. FAST60KH-Maxi Kit         Contains:
2 pcs secured hydraulic flange spreaders
1 pcs hydraulic pump
1 pcs durable rolling carry case
Standard Hydraulic Flange Spreaders are the most versatile and powerful. 
MODEL NO. FAST30KH-STD   Standard Kit  Contains:
1 pcs secured hydraulic flange spreaders
1 pcs hydraulic pump
1 pcs durable carry case
Roto Wedge style flange spreaders are perfect for blinding.
MODELS:  FBX-150-300 fits 150 lb and 300 lb flanges to 24"
                   FBX-400-600 fits 400 lb and 600 lb flanges to 24"
                   FBX-900-2500 fits 900 and 1500 lb flanges to 24"
                  and 2500 lb flanges to 12"
Mechanical, Pneumatic or Hydraulic driven flange spreader for blinding.  Each Kit  Contains:
1 pcs secured flange spreader
1 pcs mechanical breaker bar
1 pcs durable carry case

Sidewinder Pipe Spreader.  The Side Winder is the only valve removal tool for use on any type of flange including lap joint flanges.  It can supply 5,000 lbs of spreading force.  It is useful for valves, inline filters, pumps and control valves.  The Side Winder spreaders flanges from 2" to 18" depending upon the model.  There are two models.  

Side Winder Pipe Spreaders 42”
Operating Span  5” to 42”



Model        Pipe Size

0208    2” thru 8” Pipe

1018   10” thru 18” Pipe

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